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Voyager: Diana Gabaldon

Voyager is the third book in the Outlander saga by Diana Gabaldon, one of my new favorite series. I don’t know how do I write about this book without spoiling for Book#1 and #2. So, if you haven’t read those books and wish to read please skip this post and if you don’t care then please go ahead, I promise I won’t spoil it for this book.

This book follows the return of Claire in her time and 20 years have passed since then. As explored in the book Drangfly in the Amber, Claire came to Scotland with her daughter Brianna and told her about her father Jamie. Brianna refused to believe until she saw Gillian disappearing through stones from her own eyes. After digging up some historical records, they figured out that Jamie is alive and there were able to track his location 20 years after Culloden.

And as usual, there is another time travel and Claire went back to Jamie. Of course, in 20 years so many things have changed but slowly and steadily Claire accepts Jamie’s life now. But as soon as they can start living happily ever after, another misfortune struck them and they were bound on a voyage to West Indies.

My experience

I think this is my least favorite book in all the 3 books I have read so far. I loved the initial part of the book when Claire and Jamie are in different times, and we get to know what all happened in 20 years, Claire trying to find Jamie and adjusting to the new life here. But the West Indies adventure feels a little bit forced in the timeline. It seems like it has been added to add some adventure. I find the ending also a little loose, the reason the author gave which inspired this voyage was short-clipped and it just didn’t make any sense to me.

Now, enough with being critical, let’s talk about the good parts. I absolutely love the chemistry between Claire and Jamie and I love going with them on their journey. There are certain parts of the book that I so much loved that I easily glided through 50 or more pages without even realizing it. I find the character of Brianna quite promising and I am looking forward to reading more about her.

I think as always I am definitely going to recommend this book.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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