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The Spanish Daughter

Lorena Hughes

Available in: Paperback, Kindle, Audiobook
Genres: Historical Fiction, Mystery
: 352 pages
: 9h 42m



Puri, a woman with a deep love for chocolate inherited from her father, discovers an unexpected legacy after his death—a cocoa estate in Vinces, Ecuador. Determined to claim her birthright and start anew after World War I, Puri and her husband Cristóbal embark on a journey across the Atlantic Ocean. However, danger looms as someone opposes Puri’s claim to the estate.

When a hired assassin mistakenly kills Cristóbal, Puri assumes her husband’s identity, hoping to protect herself while unraveling her father’s hidden past in Ecuador. As she explores her newfound inheritance, Puri faces challenges such as newfound siblings, secret affairs, and her father’s enigmatic history. Amidst it all, her attraction to a mysterious man complicates matters, and she must uncover the identity of a lurking enemy who threatens her future.


Most of the weightage of my decision for picking a book for any country is inspired by it’s ease of availability and the rest is the premise. This was an interesting read. I don’t think this book gives a lot of insight into the lives of Ecuador but overall it was an engaging read. The inclusion of chocolate discussions was a delightful bonus. The chapters were short and succent and the story was moving at a constant pace. The mystery wasn’t particularly a page turner but I found the conclusion to be gratifying.

Do you have any other recommendation from this country? Please share it in comments.

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