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Hi, My name is Shilpi.

I am a software professional and this is my home on internet.

I love reading books and talking about it. I am here to share my love for books, occasional writing attempts and some life-advice and philosophies which I find useful or has helped me in any way. In my free time, either you find me with my nose in a book or playing with colors in my sketch book.

I am open to all constructive criticism.

Feel free to connect me with or leave a comment on my post. I look forward to interesting discussions.

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  1. Noone Noone

    I have read some of your blogs and liked your simplistic approach of laying down your learnings and thought process. There is always this underlined honestly in all your writings.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    recently started reading dailiy stoic and came across your blog, great content thanks for sharing

  3. Anonymous Anonymous

    same here just started reading daily stoic and your views on each thought was really interesting and helpful. just wondering are you going to keep posting or you took a break. thank you

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