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The Mastery Manual: Robin S. Sharma

This is my second book by Robin Sharma. The first being The 5 AM Club. Though I am not a big fan of Robin Sharma’s writing style I truly admire the ideas shared by him. The previous book has kind of changed my life and hence I decided to pick this book up with good expectations.

Now I had a bittersweet experience reading this book. This book has been divided into 36 modules and each module is written in a notes style. I mean literally, there are bulleted points & quotes in each chapter. It seems more like a diary or a blog entry rather than a book. There were only 190 pages so you can say roughly every chapter is covered in 5-6 pages. I was able to finish this book in just 2 days.

Now I am not criticizing the contents of the book. The content is pretty relevant and good. Since I have read quite a few self-help books till now, there weren’t a lot of takeaways for me. But it might be a good and quick read for any beginner.

For me, this book is mostly for taking quick advice. Whenever you want to need advice in a certain area you can flip through the index and go to the chapter quickly. And since it is written in such a way that even though you haven’t highlighted parts of the book, you will still feel like you are reading your own summary from some other self-help book.

Usually, I capture the key takeaway from all the non-fiction books but I am going to skip this one as this book is already concise and there is no point in taking notes of a book written in a notes format.

Let me know in the comments if you have read any more books by Robin Sharma and if you have some recommendations.

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