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The 5 AM Club : Robin Sharma

The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life is a self-help book by Robin Sharma, where he shares with us the idea that how you can change your life drastically by adapting an early morning routine. Though this was the main concept of the book, the book has touched briefly on various other subjects too like how to be a good leader, lead a meaningful life, build a productive routine, and others.

The whole idea is told in the form of a fictional story but in my opinion, it was rather forced. In the name of fiction it was basically 3 people meeting randomly and after that one of them started giving sermons to the other two on how to live a high performant life. The person giving the sermon is a billionaire and hence he takes the other two on exciting trips and gives them all these discourses. I do like the idea of spreading the idea of self-help through stories as it is more relatable but this seems rather forced and a lot more fictional and hence a little unbelievable. And the tone of the book is also very preachy so somehow this style of writing is not for me. However, if someone is ok with this style of writing they might enjoy the book.

Now, coming to the main ideas shared in the book. There are lots of ideas and philosophies shared here but only a few are related to the main theme of the book. You have to read more than 300 pages but the main takeaways are very limited as the other peripheral ideas were told on the surface level only so it becomes difficult to adapt those in your life.

Key ideas that stuck with me from this book:

  • Getting up at 5 AM and spending an hour called victory hour on yourself. You can divide the 60 mins into 3 main areas: 20 mins for working out, 20 mins for reflecting on where you can do journaling, and 20 mins for learning. This one hour will form the basic foundation of your day ahead
  • Not quitting when it is tough in fact do it with more zeal when you find it hard because if it wasn’t hard initially, it wouldn’t be a real and valuable change.
  • Establish a habit by repeating it for 66 days. The first 22 days are for deconstruction when you are breaking away from older habits. It is the hardest phase. The next 22 days are for the installation of the habit. In this phase, you will often find yourself exhausted but then remember the above point. The last phase is for integration when you finally start getting used to this habit till you reach an automation point
  • Take out time to rest & rejuvenate because real growth happens in the resting period only. If you don’t take a break you will soon start burning out and it will degrade your performance and your life
  • The 3 steps success formula where one needs to develop the habit of granularity rather than superficiality. What it means is that whatever you do keep your eye on detail and do it with all your heart. Be more aware, so that you can make better choices and hence get better results.

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