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Day 38: Fear Is A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

“Many are harmed by fear itself, and many may have come to their fate while dreading fate.”


Fear is one of the most powerful emotions and it can cripple even the best of people to move forward. I am not going to say here that one should be fearless, it is impossible, and telling anyone to achieve such a state is just being a prude. Everyone has one or the other fear in their life. I have never met anyone who is truly fearless. It’s just that some people are good at hiding it than others. I am going to tell you how you should overcome your fears.

Why should you overcome your fear?

  • Fear leads to inaction. Most people don’t even attempt to do try because of the inherent fear of failure. But if you are not even trying, you are already failing.
  • As the popular quote by James Allen, “You become what you think you are” and hence if you fear and think that you are going to fail, it will turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • Fear often numbs over brain. We are often not able to think pro

How can you overcome fear?

  • Take small steps. You need not do something totally out of the way to feel courageous. It can one small step in the direction too. And once you take one step, next steps will automatically follow.
  • Visualize yourself opposite. No one is born with fear. Most of the fear that we have are learned over time owning to situation, environment and circumstances of life. And if something is learned it can also be unlearned.
  • If you are having panic attacks and have severe issues, seek professional help.

I myself am scared whenever there is any new change in life whether good or bad. For every decision I take I have to deal with my own anxieties. But I have learnt that giving up to fears is not a brave thing to do. The real courage is not in being fearless but it is in overcoming those fears.

Ques: What do you fear most currently? And what would you think you can do to overcome it?

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