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Day 39: Did That Make You Feel Better?

‘You cry, I’m suffering severe pain! Are you then relieved from feeling it, if you bear it in an unmanly way?”


How do you react when you are sad, angry, frustrated, or just having a bad day? When I was in the hostel I have seen once a girl threw away the phone because she suddenly got in a fight with someone on the other side of the phone and she took out the frustration on the poor phone. Naturally, on seeing this scene I was shocked and was wondering whether it has made her feel any better?

Later I have seen the same girl collecting the parts of the phone and trying to assemble the phone. Back in the days, we didn’t have smartphones and the phones were sturdy, especially the Nokia ones. I just wonder what will happen if that girl throws today’s smartphone like that. Will she be feeling good seeing the shattered screen after her anger has subsided? Will she still feel it was worth it?

Different people have different ways of venting out their emotions. Some do it by shouting, crying, and throwing away things. Some are more mature and know better ways to deal with their emotions.

I am not the master of handling such emotions. Yeah, I don’t I usually throw stuff or yell at people. I am a peace lover and I usually tend to cry my eyes out in solitude. But after every such session, when I look at my tired eyes, I know that it was not worth it. So, here are few tips I follow to vent out my emotions:

1. Write it down

I feel journaling is the most effective way of clearing out your head and venting your emotions. Any negative emotions shouldn’t be kept pent up for a longer time. We have seen it mostly coming out in ugly ways and hence it is better to write it down on a piece of paper.

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t keep a journal then also it is okay. You can write it on any piece of paper and just throw it away later. You will realize how much better you are feeling instantly.

2. Do something constructive

Usually, when you are filled with emotions it is best to take a timeout from the situation. But after taking a time out if you are worrying and getting upset about the same thing then there is no point. Try to put your mind in something constructive. Some people like to paint, some like to read, some like to cook and some even like to clean.

It could be anything. Just brush up things from your old hobby corner and do something constructive. Before you know your mind is in a much calmer state than earlier

3. Go for a walk

We don’t even realize the power of nature. I do believe that nature sometimes has the best healing power. So, just step out of your home and take a walk in the nearby park, take a look around you, at the kids playing, dogs running, and other people around you. Try to imagine their story. Sometimes this simple exercise takes you out from your own world and puts you somewhere else for some time. And when you return back you will feel that your world isn’t as bad as you think.

4. Talk to someone

Sometimes the best solution, when you are filled up with negative emotions, is to have a friendly ear. If you have such a friend or someone from the family, do reach out to them and share your emotions with them. It will definitely make you feel better. Just remember to be there for them in their times of need too.

Ques: How do you deal with your negative emotions?

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