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Declutter Post#1: Bags, Purses & Wallets

As I promised in my last post I have started my journey towards minimalism, towards a more happy and fulfilling life. And I have started with the category clothing with the first item in the list: Bags, Purses, and Wallets.

Now the thing with this category item is that you don’t only have to get rid of bags, you first have to empty them and declutter the items hidden in all the hidden compartments. And the wonder of the things you find there. Some of the notable items that I found in all my bags are 700 INR in change, lots of pens, and my main door key which I thought I have lost so long ago.

So, that was the happy part of the process, now coming to the difficult part. It was a little tough parting away from a lot of them, mostly because of the feeling that I am wasting so much. But following Marie’s advice, I hold them and thought it is going to give me joy when I will be forcing myself to use them just because they are getting wasted. And I know my answers immediately. Even though I would have forced myself to use I won’t be happy and I know I am going to chuck it again after a use or two.

But still, there are few bags that I got as gifts and there are quite a lot of sentimental values attached to them. I know I won’t be using them because either they are torn or just don’t suit my taste or usage. But still, I have kept it as a maybe pile which I am going to keep away from my main cupboard and will review it again after 6 months.


Here is a quick look at my shelf, before and after. The thing now when I look at my bag shelf I feel happy. I love all these bags and I know I am going to use them all. Anyways this is a long journey, a lifestyle rather than a one-time activity.

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