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Quidditch Through the Ages: Kennilworthy Whisp, J.K. Rowling

Now if you are reading this book then must have to be a Potterhead. I got this Hogwarts’s library set as a birthday gift 2 years back and it was just sitting on my shelf for some time till I picked up this illustrated edition of Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone and since I was already in this magical world I thought it the most correct time to pick this book.

Now again this book was a beautiful surprise for me. I really commend the ability of J.K. Rowling in this world-building, this book just makes it more realistic. I thought that this book will be mostly for filling the gaps and it will be useless information overload but I was surprised to see the way the book was structured. I find myself amused and laughing from time to time especially reading the clippings from The Daily Prophet.

Content-wise also I really liked the book. This book covers the history of how the broomstick became the means of traveling for wizards, earlier broomstick games, the evolution of Quidditch games, various balls and how it was introduced, game rules and fouls, major international games, and other things. More or less it was a fun, light, and quick read, and I had my good time with this.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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