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Day 28: Watching the Wise

“Take a good hard look at people’s ruling principle, especially of the wise, what they run away from and what they seek out.”


Today’s stoic post asks us to find a wise person or you can say a role model and learn things from them. Observe what they do and what they don’t do.

Now if you ask me that do I have a role model, then my answer is no. I don’t believe in finding one person and just blindly believing what they do and what they think. The problem I see with this advice is you don’t actually know who is a really wise person in today’s world. I think everyone today is trying to figure out things and one who believes that he has figured out all, can’t be more misguided. Some might have figured out life better than others but it is difficult to find someone who has figured out all.

So, how do we apply today’s principle in your life?

Here is what I do. I believe that everyone has both good and bad qualities both. There is no one you can find whom you can say is a totally bad person, there is something good in all of us. And hence, whenever I observe something good in a person I ask if it can be a value addition in my life and if the answer is yes I try to adapt it in my life.

Whatever I am today, I can owe each part of my personality to be shaped by someone or the other, but I can never name one. It could be either my parents, my family, my friends, ex-boyfriends, office colleagues, some random people on the internet, someone on the road, people I find in books and movies, and a lot of other places.

From each of them, I have learned something, either to adapt it in my life or sometimes to make sure that I don’t turn out like them.

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