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Star gazing

Do you like the sky on winter nights?

I love them

Much more than the summer skies

When the chill of winds creep through the layers of your clothes

But you pull your jacket tight

With a determination to beat the winds

Because if you can beat that you can beat the coldness of any heart

It’s nice if there is a moon in the sky

But I prefer it when it’s not there

It makes me way too visible

Also, the moon always makes me kind of sad

Surrounded by so many stars and yet so alone

I guess that’s why it is an object of affection for broken hearts

It somehow assures them that they are not lonely in their struggle

I love the stars though

Lying on the ground and gazing at this vast universe

Tiny specks of light scattered across the horizon

It makes me humble

Reminds me how insignificant we all are

And the things we are worrying about

All to be lost in the dust as the time pass

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  1. noone noone

    Beautiful and well articulated thoughts!
    Missing your writings off late

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