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Reading Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone Illustrated Edition

Now, this post a not a review post as nothing new can be said about this book by J.K. Rowling which hasn’t been said. It is a documentation of my reading experience of this gorgeous illustrated edition of Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone by Jim Kay. I have set my eyes on this book for quite some time but I would say that it is quite an expensive book and I never dared to buy it until I got a gift coupon from my office. Now the thing with these generic gift coupons is that somehow you spend it and you don’t even feel that you have got any gift. But I thought of treating myself for something which I don’t buy otherwise and hence it will feel like a gift. So, that’s how I ended up owning this gorgeous edition of this book.

Now I have read and finished this book when the weather is still cold and I know this post might go live a little later than that but I guess you understand what I am trying to say here. There is an absolutely amazing feeling to snuggle into your blanket and have such a comforting read. Although I don’t classify books based on season but somehow Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone feels like a book for winters. Don’t you agree?

Now, once in a while everyone needs something magical in their life and this book gave me that. Usually, I read a 300 pages book in a maximum of 3 days but I took more than a week to complete only 240 pages here because I really took my time to relish this experience. Most of the time I used to play the original soundtrack from the movies and read alongside that. And truly believe me when I say it was a magical experience. It was much better than watching movies I would say.

Now if I talk about the book, it is such a gorgeous edition. The illustrations are beautiful and really capture your imagination. I intend to copy a few of them in my sketchbook, I think it would be a nice experience too. I would suggest for anyone who is reading the Harry Potter series for the first time, especially the young kids, that they should go for this edition only as it totally enhances the reading experience. I agree that the book is a little costly but the quality of the book, pages, and illustrations totally justify the cost and I believe you can get some good discounts also if you wait for sales.

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