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How to Be a Bawse : Lilly Singh

Now if you have heard about this book then you must be familiar with Lilly Singh known as IISuperwomanII in her YouTube videos. She is a comedian, actress, late night show host and quite a YouTube sensation with a following of almost 15 million subscribers.

Now if you have seen the physical copy of the book then it really catches your eye with it’s colorful pictures and fluffy quotes. I was meaning to get my hands on this book for quite sometime but it’s quite an expensive book. So, I opted for the e-book version, but but but I would definitely recommend you to go for a physical copy only if you can spare some bucks.

This book is a quick read and written is the same bold and hilarious way as you see Lilly Singh in her videos. To explain the title, Bawse is explained in her words as:

A person who exudes confidence, reaches goals, gets hurt efficiently, and smiles genuinely because they’ve fought through it all and made it out the other side

The book has been divided into 4 sections:

  • Master your mind: Focuses more on our mindset
  • Hustle harder: Inspires you to work hard
  • Make head turn: Give tips on marking your presence
  • Be a unicorn: Be a kind person and be yourself

Although the book contains a lot of pearls of wisdom I felt that it lacks the depth and openness which is one the things I look forward in self-help books. There are few chapters where she tried to open up about herself ‘Out of Blue‘ but again it remained very short and sweet. I have generally observed that more the author opens up about themselves, the more the reader can relate themselves and be able to apply the advices in their life. This book is more of like a refresher course to remind yourself of the things in the bullet points.

However, this book is great pick for someone who can’t digest the heaviness of other self-help books. It’s quite light weight and the idea that she is trying to bring across to the people is very relevant. I highly recommend this book to teenagers as there are lots of ideas explained in terms of millennial things like Twitter, Instagram, FOMO that they will be able to relate themselves to. This book will also be very helpful to the people who are trying something in the creative/entertainment industry because there are so many things that one can learn and be inspired from her, because in the words of Lilly Singh herself:

“A bawse knows that shortcuts do not exist when it comes to success.”

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