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A Song of Ice and Fire – Readalong

A Song of Ice and Fire - Read along

Hello fellow fantasy lover,

If you are on this page, it means you are either joining us for this read-along or maybe you are just curious.

If former, then welcome aboard on this epic journey. It’s going to be awesome. If later, then also I would urge you to join us because this is going to be one amazing ride.

In any other case, if you stumbled upon this page in the middle of the read-along, then I can assure you that we might not be very far ahead as we are going to follow a very relaxed pace. You can still catch us, and all the previous posts are still open for engagement.

Some Context

I have been meaning to do a slow read of this whole series for a long time. I have read 2 books of the series back in 2017 when I didn’t have it in me to appreciate the writing of George R. R. Martin.

I again started this series in 2022. I was in the middle of the second book when I found some resources on Internet where people have discussed each chapter and scene in detail. I was mind blown my those discussions and stopped my reading so that I can go back to Book 1 and read again all the discussions.

This year I want to restart my journey from Book 1. It will be a very slow reading experience with 2 chapters a week. So, this read along is going to last for at least an year or two(Neither Martin is in hurry to write the next book, nor am I to complete the series). I want to focus more on discussion than on speed.

Before we start

As mentioned above I have already read 2 books from the series and watched the show. How much I wish but I can’t unread or unsee it. 

However, if you are starting this series in 2024, I would assume that you are already spoiled for it. If not for the intricacies but at least for the general story line.

I feel the purpose of a slow read is to comb through the text with a fine-toothed comb, uncovering all the hidden foreshadowing and symbolism that Martin has meticulously woven throughout the series. It’s a chance to really appreciate the depth and complexity of the story. And we would miss a lot if we don’t discuss that. 

I would try to keep my posts as spoiler free as possible, or at least mark the sections for warnings. But be warned, there may be some unintentional spoilers. If not telling you outright spoilers, I will nudge you to notice the elements. That way, you can still enjoy the journey and discoveries for yourself. And of course, comments section is always open for discussions.

How will we proceed?

Each week we are going to read 2 chapter from the series. The discussion post will go up on Wednesday and Sunday for each chapter starting 10th April, 2024. 

Even though I will try to commit to the schedule, I also have a fulltime job, a household to take care of and some social life, however nerdy I might seem.
I appreciate your understanding if there are any delays in posting due to my other commitments. But in any case, I will keep the schedule page updated to keep you guys posted.

The upcoming discussion will be posted here. Make sure to bookmark the discussion page so you can easily access it each week.You can also follow us on social media for updates and reminders. This is the iCal link, if you want to directly subscribe to the discussion schedule.

However, I would strongly urge you to subscribe below to get information about the latest discussion in you inbox as soon as it is posted.

Do not miss out on any of the discussions and subscribe to the blog!

I'm excited to embark on this journey with you all. Happy reading!

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A Song of Ice and Fire: Readalong

A Song of Ice and Fire: Readalong​

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Welcome to my booknook!

I am meaning to slow read this magnificent saga for a long time. Through this blog, I aim to share my insights, experiences and resources. Join me on this journey as we explore the world of Martin slowly!


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