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The Well of Ascension: Brandon Sanderson

It is rare for me to find the sequel of a book living up to my expectations. Hence needless to say this book like its predecessor is amazing.

It’s difficult to talk about a sequel without spoiling it for the people who haven’t read the first book. So, please save and skip this post for now and go read this series. For all fantasy lovers especially this series is highly recommended.

Plot Overview

Usually, all the stories end when good wins over evil. Nobody tells what happens after that. In book 1, the Final empire was overthrown and in this book, you will wonder was is really a good thing or bad.

Highlights from the book

Characters development

As much as Book 1 was plot-driven, this book is more character-driven. As I mentioned in my previous post I was hoping to see a lot of character growth for Elend. And that’s what I can see in this book. However, I like when the author shows rather than tells when it comes to character arcs. And I feel Sanderson does the opposite and hence it also becomes irritating at times.

Vin’s character has all the attributes of a teenage girl on whose shoulders there is a responsibility to save the world. She goes on in a circle questioning things again and again which is quite normal for a teenage girl but a little irritating for the readers. I like her character but somehow I don’t love her character.

For me my favorite character in the book is Sazed. In book 1 he is shown as a humble and loyal steward but this book explores a lot into his character. His internal struggles when his new discoveries challenge his belief system were quite interesting to read. And I really look forward to seeing what comes of him in the coming books.

Thickening of plot

This book gives the whole vibe of Games of Thrones in a condensed format. Kings are fighting to play the game of thrones and there is yet a bigger danger lurking in the sideways.

The whole amalgamation of this story of inner conflicts along with the mystery of the big secret is brilliantly done. It keeps the reader hooked always to uncover more and more. And even though the final few chapters of the book where the mystery is finally uncovered blew my mind, the initial story that leads to it was also equally enthralling.


I am so looking forward to reading the final book in the series now. It’s already on my shelf and I can’t wait to see how the story concludes.

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