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Pride & Prejudice – Jane Austen

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”

When I read this famous opening line, I so hoped that it is a satire.

Even if you don’t read classics, there are good chances that you have still heard about this book. It is one of the most recommended & loved classics, especially for beginners.

This book is on my shelf for years. For some reason, I was always intimidated to pick this one. There was no doubt that I won’t like this book. Oh, I was absolutely sure of that. But I just keep delaying and delaying waiting for the perfect time.

Now, I so wished that I should have picked it earlier. If so, I might have been able to love and admire it more. When I loved the grandeur of the Regency era, sweet romances, and comedy of errors.

But the current me is now exposed also to the dark sides of the Regency period to be attracted with this glamour and glitter. Current me is too heartbroken to admire gallantry and romance. Current me has read some great literature on life and philosophy to admire a book around teatime gossips.

No, I am not boastful about myself or critical of this book. I am just sad at my lost innocence to admire a simple and beautiful book which is a favorite of so many. But again I am glad too that I am not just reading, I am growing and evolving with each book.


Pick this book if you love the regency era.

Pick this book if you are a beginner in classics.

Pick this book if you love classic romance.

Pick this book if you love Jane Austen’s books.

For others use your own discretion.

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