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Ghachar Ghochar: Vivek Shanbhag

Plot Overview

This is a story about a young man living in a close-knit & slightly dysfunctional family. The family has come suddenly into wealth and it has changed the way of their life and the family dynamics. The young man. who is also the narrator, visits a coffee shop daily and is fond of the server Vincent who seems to have cryptic observations which always invoke mystic emotions in the narrator.

My Reading Experience

The book is only 118 pages long and is a perfect pick for a short and quick read. If you haven’t read this book then I would suggest you not read any further and do pick this book.

I won’t give any spoilers, but anything you hear about this book might spoil your reading experience. So, I would recommend you to go into it without knowing anything about it.



Still recommending, skip reading further if you haven’t read this book.




Ok, now if you are still reading, I already warned you enough.

Before picking this book, I have got to hear some reviews where it mentioned that the end of the book is mind-blowing and even though it is non-spoiling but it is spoiling in a way. For the initial 5-6 chapters, going through all the meandering I knew that this story which seems so ordinary will take some unexpected turns. So, it was a bummer for me. But still, I wasn’t able to guess what is it till the last chapter, so kudos to the author.

I love such kinds of books that have such ambiguous endings. It leaves it to the readers to go through the narrative again and derive meanings in sentences that were overlooked as simple in the first read. It also gives an opportunity as a reader to go inside your head and discover a lot about yourself, on the basis of how you perceive things.

A brilliant book about a dysfunctional family. I would definitely recommend it for a quick read.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
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