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Think and Grow Rich: Napoleon Hill

I think this is one of the most recommended books to me and it has been always been ranked as one of the must-reads in the self-help books genre. This book is great for someone who believes in the law of attraction which I don’t, and hence it was a little off-putting for me. I simply feel that the law of attraction is a way of fooling yourself. If the thing manifests, it is said oh it is working. And if it didn’t work for you then it is said you haven’t followed the manifestation correctly. Suppose you want to manifest two things, and you followed all the methods properly. Now, one of the things manifests and the other doesn’t, then how is your method faulty. I somehow feel it is just way more speculations and a placebo rather than a fact.

One of the things that I liked about the book is that even though he shares the idea, he equally emphasized that one needs a definite plan to get to your dreams. But except that most of the things are repetitive and said without any backing facts. The book became a little absurd towards the end. So, I am not going to recommend this book to anyone. You can read the summary and maybe decide it for yourself.

Key Ideas shared in the book

1. Desire

  • There must be a burning desire to win. One must cut back all the way of retreat
  • You have to believe that you are already in possession of the money you are desiring
  • 6 steps process:
    • Be specific about what you want
    • What are you willing to give for it
    • Set a date
    • Create a definite plan
    • Write it down
    • Read it twice daily

2. Faith

Only way to develop faith is to repeat affirmations(with emotions) to your subconscious mind

3. Auto-Suggestion

  • No thought can enter your subconscious mind without the aid of auto-suggestion
  • Read the written statement daily twice aloud and keep a written copy somewhere you can see it daily
  • Do not wait for definite plan. Believe you already in possession of what you desire, your subconscious will hand over the plan

4. Specialized Knowledge

  • Knowledge becomes power only when it is organized into definite plans of action and directed to a definite end
  • The way to success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge

5. Imagination

  • Imagination is nothing but the birthplace of ideas.
  • 2 types of imagination:
    • Synthetic: arranging old concepts, ideas into a new combination
    • Creative: the finite mind has communication with the infinite intelligence

6. Organized Planning

  • Become a leader
  • Characteristic of a leader
    • Unwavering courage
    • Self-control
    • A keen sense of justice
    • Definiteness of decision
    • Definiteness of plan
    • The habit of doing more than what paid for
    • A pleasing personality
    • Sympathy and understanding
    • Mastery of detail
    • Willingness to assume full responsibility
    • Cooperation
  • Dependable method of accumulating riches is by rendering useful services

7. Decision

Habit of reaching decisions quickly and changing them slowly

8. Persistence

  • Temporary defeat is not a permanent failure
  • Surround yourself with a master-mind group and develop persistence through cooperative efforts

9. Power of the master-mind

  • A mastermind is coordination of knowledge and effort between two or more people for the attainment of the definite purpose
  • A group of coordinated brain will provide more thought energy than a single brain

10. The mystery of sex transmutation

Any negative emotion can be transmuted into a positive or constructive emotion, by the simple procedure of changing one’s thought

11. The subconscious mind

Subconscious mind responds more quickly to and in influenced more readily by thought impulses which are well mixed with emotion

12. The brain

Vibrations of an exceedingly high rate are the only vibrations picked up and carried, by the ether, from one brain to another. Thought is energy travelling at an exceedingly high rate of vibration

13. The sixth sense

It is a mixture of both mental and spiritual.

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