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Day 51: The Grand Parade Of Desire

“Robbers, perverts, killers, and tyrants—gather for your inspection their so-called pleasures!”


Today Stoic meditation is dedicated to desire and kind of chastising people with desires. However, I differ here in my opinions.

I feel that having desires is healthy. It encourages people to grow and to try out new things, to take risks, and to keep moving.

However one needs to learn to define the boundary between desire and obsession. It is good to have the motivation to work for your desire but as a Stoic one should never be attached to results. When one desires something with an eye on the outcome, it becomes a yearning and is never healthy.

One also needs to keep in mind that their desire might be full of vices. Having a desire to try out all the drugs, or to drink excessive alcohol is never a healthy desire. A desire should be something that can help you grow.

I believe that is what I am taking from today’s meditation. To learn to evaluate your desires rather than indulging without a thought.

Ques: Do you feel that it is healthy to have desires?

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