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The Little Prince: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The Little Prince is a children’s classics, always listed in the Top 100 books to-read list. When I picked and flipped through it, I was so happy to see all these beautiful illustrations. But yeah then I thought it is meant for children only. But it is a book written in the language suited for children and can be read by people of any age group.

All grown-ups were once children…

but only a few of them remember it

I love the books which metaphorically tell the deeper philosophies. And that’s how this book is written. The story is very simple. A pilot crashes his plane in the Sahara Desert. Here he meets a boy with golden hair who claims to come from some other star. And then the story starts. Through his innocent questions, the little prince tells us the deeper teachings of love, friendship and asks us to introspect ourselves.

What I am taking from this book?

Through various stories, the little prince highlights how as a grown-up we lose sight of so many things in life. Some of them are:

  • The sense of authority. If something follows the natural order of thing once, people start exerting authority over it
  • Self acclamation. Grown-ups are so absorbed with self-approval that they are conceited
  • Spoiling life in a cycle of guilt
  • Continuous pursue of things of insignificance.
  • Happy in indulging with things of no value
  • Always preaching without practice
  • Using vague paradigms to define the worth of things
  • Nobody is happy where they are, but still, no-one knows where they are going

It also tells us to remember:

  • It is never too late to start learning something new
  • We love something or if something is important to us only, it’s because we have invested our time in it

And last but not the least, the best one

What is essential is invisible to the eyes

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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