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How do I tell them?

They say that it will happen when it is meant to be
They say that you have to let go of few things
You have to trust in God and adjust somewhere along the line

How do I tell them that there is no meant to be
That the whole world is random and we are not a part of some big puzzle
How do I tell them that I have wasted years of my life clinging to the pointless hope they have inherited to me

They say that career is important but the real joy of life is with family
They say that I need to keep in mind my growing age
They say that how I am not realizing that life alone will be tough

How do I tell them that I am not a flag bearer of feminism and this is not my fight against society
How do I tell that I don’t put career ahead of family, I am just good at what I am doing naturally
How do I tell them that it isn’t my choice to be lonely

They give me advice and I take it with a smile
They judge me harsh, I shrug and let it pass
Because I don’t  know
How do I tell them that they neither know me nor my journey

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