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Declutter Post#3: Beauty products, toiletries & accessories

This is quite a late post because I am running very busy as I am moving to a new place. And since the new place is a little smaller in terms of storage I think decluttering is the need of the hour. I don’t even remember how many garbage bags I have thrown out, given away and some still waiting to be donated. But this whole process itself is very meditative because even if starts with chaos but it always ends with a calmness in my heart.

When I do start decluttering, first I try to take out all the stuff as suggested by Marie Kondo and I must say sometimes it is quite overwhelming to see so much stuff, all getting wasted because they are not being used. I think while going through my beauty products and toiletries section, I surely had a mini heart attack seeing the amount of the products I have wasted.

There was a period in my life you can say five years back from now when I was only a Kajal and a lip balm girl. And the only skincare I knew of was Multani mitti. But somehow I let the world convince me to follow the conventional beauty trends, that somehow being comfortable in your skin is not empowering. And falling into this evil, I spent loads of money on beauty, skincare, and various subscription boxes, and before I realized I became a hoarder.

With time, I have learned to accept myself with all my scars, dark circles, and frizzy hairs. In fact, now I have started to love them because it just reminds me of all the difficult times which gave me these dark circles and falling hairs and how I have strongly fared through them all.

Anyways sharing just for fun before and after pictures of this declutter. I couldn’t capture it for accessories as I have packed them all for moving and hence it was difficult to take those pictures.

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