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Attitude Is Everything: Jeff Keller

Attitude Is Everything: Change Your Attitude… and You Change Your Life is a self help book by Jeff Keller. He is a lawyer turned motivation speaker and in this book he tells us how he changed his life to become what he wants to be from a job that he doesn’t enjoy by changing his attitude.

Now, this book has really nice things to say but somehow it doesn’t work for me as I was already familiar with most of the ideas he shared in the book. So, if you are a beginner then this book might be useful to you as it is short and quick to read but if you have read other self-help books then you might find the ideas a little repetitive. One of the things that I felt while reading this book is there are not many original ideas, most of them seem to be derived from other self-help books and there are few things that I somehow don’t agree with.

The book is basically divided into 3 areas: think, speak and act. Now the thinking part is mostly like reaffirming the ideas of the law of attraction though the term was not used directly. Now I know some people are quite believers in this concept but somehow this ideology doesn’t fit with me. I somehow feel that this law of attraction principles if not followed correctly can lead you on the path of despair. I understand the idea of keeping a positive mindset but one always can’t be happy. These principles need to be backed by other solid foundations.

In the other part of the book ‘speak’, the author stresses a lot on speaking always positive and not expressing other sad emotions because it reinforces words in reality and brings other down too by spreading negative energy. Now I am not saying that one should be incessant complaining, I agree that one must look for things to be grateful for, but I am not okay with the idea of not sharing sadness especially in today’s world when more and more people are suffering from depression & suicide. I think one should keep an open mind and an empathetic heart and try to be a good listener. You don’t even know how much you can be of help to someone just by the simple acts of listening and understanding.

Now, the third part of the book talks about our action. This is the part I agree most with but the even though the ideas were good I felt it wasn’t explained enough to reinforce it is your daily practice. So, in conclusion I am not super impressed with the book and I think there are better books that one can pick to get these concepts.

Rating: 3 out of 5.
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  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    It has good idias but the problem is I couldn’t get the book for free.

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