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5 movie/series adaptations that are as good as book

I know this is a controversial topic. Any book lover would never agree that that the book adaptation has done justice to the book. And I too echo that sentiment with most of the books. After watching mostly every book adaption I always cry in my heart for what they have done to the book. However I have come across few adaptions which are almost as good as books and you won’t be disappointed either.

Now there are some other adaptations too that are also quite good but since I didn’t enjoyed the movie/series I am not recommending those. This list contains only the books and series that I enjoyed thoroughly both in print and movie media.

  1. The Bridgerton series

Netflix has released season 1 of this series and it has already created a lot of buzzes and hence inspired me to pick up the books. I have read 2 books in this 8 book series and since season 1 is based on book 1(Duke & I), I think I can fairly comment on this. This series is set up during the Regency era in England, following the lives of eight close-knit siblings of the powerful Bridgerton family attempt to find love and there are 8 books capturing the story for each Bridgerton sibling. Now the book is quite fun to read with a nice touch of romance. And the series adaptation has captured all the essence of the books even though it took some creative liberties but I would say those are nice additions. I really enjoyed the narrative of the events in the voice of Lady Whistledown in the series. It was a delight to watch and I am waiting eagerly for the next season. So, if you haven’t watched the series then you should definitely go and watch it. I really hope the coming seasons justify my review here.

2. A series of unfortunate events

This 13 books series by Lemony Snicket is black comedy aimed for children. It follows the life of 3 Baudelaire orphan – Violet, Klaus and Sunny and their tragic tale as they investigate the life of their parent’s death and escaping the evil Count Olaf who just wants to take their parent’s inheritance. Now even though it is a children’s book I thoroughly enjoyed both reading as well as watching the series. There are 3 seasons and each book is covered in 2 episodes. It’s an amazing watch for both adults as well as kids.

3. The Hunger Games Series

The Hunger Games is based on a dystopian trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Here, the district of Panem is divided into 12 district and is under the oppressive rule of capitol and hunger games is basically an annual televised game in which people from each district participate and the winner is the one who survives alone by killing all. The book was amazing and read all of them mostly doing a binge-read. But I was nicely surprised when I watched the movie adaption of this book. The movies has captured the essence of the book and I thoroughly enjoyed it whether it is the weird fashion sense of capitol or the survival of the cadets in the arena. All in all it’s an amazing watch.

4. Outlander

Now this is one of my all time favorite series. I have watched this series before picking up the book and have gone through only Book 1(Outlander) and 2(Dragonfly in Amber). But I re-watched the series again while I was reading the book and I can tell you surely that I wasn’t disappointed with the adaptations. The magic that Diana creates with her words is beautifully re-created in the series. If not anything it will make you fall in love with beautiful landscape and history of Scotland. So even if you can’t pick this book(I know it’s quite dauting with 9 books and each averaging more than 600-700 pages) I would urge you to go watch this series.

5. Hobbit

Now my mind was literally blown away when I watched the movie adaptations of this book. This is a Children classics by J. R. R. Tolkien and it is only 285 pages long. This book is setup in Middle earth, a kind of prelude to the Lord of the Rings movies. This book adaption has been divided into 3 movies. So, you can imagine the attention to details that must have gone into each movie. The cinematography and the graphics are mind blowing. Now I haven’t yet read the Lord of the rings book so I can’t comment whether those movies live up to the expectation of book readers or not. But it definitely went beyond my expectation for the Hobbit.

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