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Sparkling eyes looking into distance,

Trying to find what may have lost its persistence

Lying in the deep, buried deep by time

Dig deeper and it will rise and rise..

Innocent were the days of childhood when we don’t know the meaning of deep-rooted words, ‘find your passions’, ‘follow your dreams’, ‘listen to your heart’. Ignorant of these jargons, we still used to do what we loved to do.

So engrossed in our world that we tend to lose track of time and surroundings. Sometimes even scolded by parents as they fear what we may be choosing is not a very secure and cherished career option. They choose something more suitable for girls and also guaranteeing a secure future.

The girl also never realized what was she losing and burying deep. Lack of resources & being from a conservative family, she gladly picked up what so ever was offered. So much thankful for what she got & determined to make best out of it. She chooses to believe that this is her passion.

Though seldom those memories revisited, reminding her of those beautiful days, pulling her back into its charm; but the tag of a secure future always holds her back.

Today, she has a so called secure and much-cherished career. Trapped by monstrous IT giant who pays golden checks for sucking the nectar of her energy and passion. She toiled day and night to be here. But why there was void within. She tried to look hard for the reason of this discontentment, but the gilded eyes has hazed her vision. And clearing the view demands courage.

But that is the beauty of real passion. Even if you believe it has gone dormant, it will rise again. Real passion creates deep magnetic field deep within our conscience that keep on creating turbulence unless it is neutralized by the field it is attracting.

She listened and responded to the signals received from within and took courage to write-up this piece. Yes, she wants to be a writer. She now knows her passion and she has taken the first step.

But Do you have courage to look within yourself? Everyone has a deep passion within themselves. All we have to do is to listen to the signals and respond to them. The beginning is always the hardest; but the journey of hundred miles begin with a single step.

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